Facchinetti Law Firm has been accredited by the Body since November 2015 and operational since January 2016.

Media-Conciliare is a Civil and Commercial Mediation Organization created by court and negotiation professionals, specifically, psychologists experienced in conflict mediation. The underlying idea is that mediation can only be successful when high legal skills are guaranteed in the subject matter and there is an equally effective ability to make both parties talk to one another.

Mediation enables legally valid agreements to be regularized and formalized, just like a trial court. Below is a list of matters which mandatory mediation could be available for:

• rights in rem (planning permission, usufruct, rights of way...)

• allocation; inheritance; family agreements

• leasing; loaning; company renting;

• compensation for damages from medical and defamation liability;

• insurance, banking and financial contracts;

• disputes relating to condominiums.

In Italy, many people still seem to be weary and untrusting of civil mediation for a number of reasons, which socio-cultural factors play a decisive factor in. In our social fabric, we are reluctant to accept that there are other ways to resolve disputes, without necessarily having to ‘destroy’ or ‘defeat’ the other party. However, civil mediation overcomes these difficulties and offers citizens and companies a simple, fast and economic solution to resolve conflicts as an alternative way of resolving procedural law.


- Certain costs: mediation bodies’ fees are based on how much the litigation is worth and are fixed throughout the proceedings, regardless of how many times the parties meet.

- Improved waiting times. Mediation lasts for a maximum of 3 months. A civil case must wait for 90 days before its first hearing, at which one of the parties will normally request a further 80-day postponement.

- Protecting relationships. This aspect is commonly overlooked, but breaking up relationships can be avoided thanks to the mediator’s negotiating skills. This is particularly important in cases involving conflicts between families, neighbors, as well as for work contexts.

- Each party receives up to €500 of tax credits if the meditation is successful, and up to half of this if it is unsuccessful.

- Exemption from stamp duty and any expenses, taxes or rights of any kind of documents and provisions related to the mediation process. Verbal agreements are exempt from registration tax of up to €50,000.00, but tax is due to the excess.