Representation, advertising and sponsorship expenses. Legal aspects. Accounting and tax practice


Authors Traballi Alberto; Turri Mauro; Facchinetti Simone; 2006; Publishing Systems (Tax theory and practice)

The commercial strategies create a different type of expenses according to whether they are intended to support the product or the brand: this is how advertising, representation and sponsorship costs are discussed. This diversity generates, nearly always, ambiguity about how to treat those charges fiscally, even by those who, like the Financial Administration or the Legislator, should be an interpretative reference point. The endless history of the classification of expenses for the purposes of their correct tax treatment has led the authors to a survey aimed at identifying the concepts of representation and advertising expenses provided over time by the Financial Administration, Central Service Tax Inspectors (SECIT), jurisprudence and doctrine. The result is a practical guide, serving for financial sector operators, and not only. The civil aspects of the issue are also included, especially with regard to sponsorship.




Sponsor and sponsee. The contracts


Author Facchinetti Simone; 2011; FAG (Legal editing)

The current era is marked by the growing role and importance of the "sponsorship" phenomenon, particularly in the sports and entertainment sector. Sponsorship is a very varied phenomenon and in constant and continuous evolution in practice. Nowadays the term "sponsorship" appears in various news events, hence it is clear how the image/money combination is crucial and decisive for companies and individuals.