Following the "INDUSTRY 4.0: CONCRETE ADVANTAGES" publication in June 2017 (see link it is useful to publish some clarifications on the legislation and its interpretation.

Technical evaluation- The latest ministerial resolution no. 27/E of 9.4.2018 defines the schedule within which the document requirements must be completed which are necessary to obtain the benefit for “Industria 4.0” assets. In fact, the document under examination specifies how “the documentation required by section 11 [of article 1 of law 232/2016, that is the expert estimate] plays a fundamental role in the discipline of favorable treatment”, arriving at the conclusion whereby the hyper amortizations can be counted only starting from the tax period in which the document burden envisioned in law no. 232/2016 has been fulfilled.

Requirements – The owners of the company income that intend to benefit from the hyper amortizations will also have to check that the assets which are the object of the disposition under examination fulfill the requirements shown in attachment A of law no. 232/2016: for assets having as their purpose an acquisition cost up to 500 thousand Euros, a declaration provided by the legal representative is necessary, whereas upon exceeding said threshold a sworn estimate issued by an engineer or an industry expert is required.

However, the recent interpretative document issued by the National Chartered Accountants Foundation shows how, even if the limit of 500 thousand Euros is not exceeded, it seems to be opportune to request an estimate/appraisal by an external technician.