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Milan, January 18, 2019. New collaboration with AISOPOS - THE VOICE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR Every 15 days, articles by attorney Facchinetti will be published on the following topics: “Corporate Internationalization”, “Industry 4.0” and “Sponsorship and Sports Contracts”

On November 27, 2013, the United Arab Emirates won the exclusive right for the organization of Expo 2020, the first Universal Exposition in the history of the MENASA region (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia). The event will be held in Dubai, to which Milan passed the baton, guided by the new guiding principle: “Connecting Minds - Creating the Future”.

Al-wasl, “connection” in Arabic, is the name that in the past referred to Dubai, as to the ancient and modern center of communication and connection between East and West. Thus, the theme chosen for Expo 2020 is a reflection of the history and the spirit of cooperation that led Dubai, and with it all the Emirates, to the success in exploring new innovative development paths. The generation of sustainable solutions to manage global problems requires, in fact, cooperation between cultures around the world: the mobility of people, goods and ideas, the creation of new jobs, access to alternative energy sources, which will create the basis for international economic development. These fundamental drivers of global growth are contained in the three sub-themes of the World Expo 2020: Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity. Mobility and communication are the paths within which the international community can move towards a sustainable and stable development that will be capable to manage cultural differences between generations.

“Our region has the chance to organize this great world exhibition. Our country is ready to accept it. We will keep our promise and organize the best event in the history of the World Expo. ”- Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai.

For all interested companies, the portal of the Bureau EXPO Dubai 2020 is active for the management of procurements and tenders related to the realization of the event. Attorney Facchinetti provides assistance and support to Italian companies (willing to participate as Italian pavilion partners) - in view of meeting the application’s submission deadline and requirements.

The basic infrastructure of the site

The Expo Village will be a residential community that will provide full-time accommodation facilities for the staff of the participating countries in Dubai Expo 2020. There will be over 3,000 apartments, 1,500 hotel rooms and serviced apartments, 11 districts with parking lots. The completion of the construction of the Expo Village is planned for 2018, followed by the building of the pavilions. Al Wasl Plaza will be developed alongside the other locations, such as the themed pavilions, at the site, which is on track for the scheduled date of October 2019 for all heavy construction work to be finished. It will connect the three thematic districts – Opportunity, Sustainability and Mobility - as well as the other main concourses, including the Dubai Metro link and the UAE Pavilion, through its seven entrances and exits. These thematic districts form ‘petals’ around the centre-piece, Al Wasl Plaza, and together span more than four square kilometres. In the center of each thematic district, the smaller pavilions will be located, surrounded by pavilions of larger countries to ensure maximum visibility for all participants.

The Opportunity Pavilion

The structure is surmounted by a flat roof with elements of landscape design and with an oasis located in the center of the pavilion in symbiosis between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Mobility Pavilion

The Mobility Pavilion, a flowing trefoil-shaped structure, complements the Expo’s sub-theme of connections and movement. The roof consists of a wraparound observation platform that offers a 360 degree view of the surrounding Expo site.

The sustainability pavilion

It will become a long-term cluster for the promotion of innovative technologies. It is a dynamic structure able to capture the solar energy and the humidity present in the air. The pavilion is designed to demonstrate the ability of architecture to become self-sufficient even in extreme weather conditions.

The Figures for Expo 2020

Expected visitors (October 20, 2020 - April 10, 2021) 25 million

Over 70% of them come from overseas

Exhibitors (nations, organizations, institutions, companies) are expected to be 250

275 thousand new jobs created

of which 40% in the travel and tourism sector

Expected economic impact (in US dollars) is 19.6 billion.

Expected investment (in US dollars)

• Infrastructure and transportation: 43 billion.

• Hospitality and real estate market: 7 billion

• Energy: 200 billion

438-hectare exhibition site (Dubai Trade Center - Jebel Ali)

The capacity of the exhibition site is 300 thousand visitors.

Weekly expected attendance 153 thousand

Expected visitors who will reach the exhibition area by subway 75 thousand.

Projects in the UAE

In light of the large numbers that Dubai Expo 2020 intends to achieve in terms of visitors, services and attractions, huge investments are destined to the sectors of infrastructure and transport, hospitality and real estate, production and distribution of energy. Investments of this magnitude open up tremendous opportunities for business expansion, both for Italian companies and for the whole world. In addition to specific projects, the country faces many challenges aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of the nation, preserving the environment and achieving the perfect balance between social and economic development.

In the next article, we will talk about the projects and "vision" in the United Arab Emirates.

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