Atty. Simone Facchinetti is ITALIAN REPRESENTATIVE OF “INDUSTRY & COMMERCE OFFICE IN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES" with the Appointment Appointed at the Gulf International Congress on 6th of December in 2015 in Dubai.

The IICUAE ( started its activities in 1999 with a regional program named after Piedmont Region - ICE - CNA.

On May 25, 2004, in Sharjah, a free, elective and non-profit association was formed to help develop the business relations with Italy, called the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE & GCC - Representative Office. Since November 2006 the new name is Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the U.A.E.

In 2007 IICUAE began the process of recognition by the Italian Government as an Italian Chamber of Commerce operating abroad that was completed on November 17, 2009.

In 2013 CdA joined the Federpesca Board representing the Confindustria System. One of the most prestigious initiatives of the Commerce Office in UAE is implementation of the project named after "Italian Lifestyle in the Emirates", the only Italian Fair in the Gulf Countries (Sharjah 2004-2007) and the Italian Weeks’ Festival in the UAE together with the publication of the calendar (in November) representing over 40 cultural and economic activities. It is very important to state about two awards from the President of the Republic to IICUAE for the excellent development of relationships between two countries.

Starting from June 15, 2010, the IICUAE is officially hosting ENIT in the country. In December 2010, the Chamber opened the Qatar Desk (which was later closed in December 2013, meanwhile the staff continued to provide business consultancy as a private company). IICUAE also hosts the project named after “Ca’ Foscari Desk” and its staff composed of 9 members.

The aim of the IICUAE is to assist small and medium-sized Italian companies interested in developing business partnership with UAE market operators and to foster the development of economic relationships and cooperation between Italian and Emirati entrepreneurs, through so-called “Italian institutional system”, as defined below;

The IICUAE develops collaboration with the Italian institutional system, with the Commerce office network, with associations and companies, with the Export Consortiums as well as with any other relevant entity, both public and private, including assistance in the implementation of joint projects/initiatives

The Association promotes the dissemination of economic information, useful for fostering business collaboration and developing business opportunities.