Simone Facchinetti is a partner and legal representative.

Methodos ( is a management consultancy founded in 1978,.that contributes to the success of the clients by helping them to reach their objectives and to produce value through the involvement and development of the human resources. Methodos is a market leader in Italy in organizational and cultural change management and engagement and communication programmes, with experience in building leadership and promoting an integrated culture of responsibility and sustainability.

Methodos is leader in the design and implementation of cultural change programs based on socio-cultural analysis, stakeholder inclusion, co-participative action, change to integrate sustainability. Programs include integrated communication, skill and competencies development, innovative task force management.

Methodos is effective in the research and activation of conceptual models and operative instrumentation which meet the specific and situational needs of its clients, from the detailed definition of objectives to the development of results measurement tools and processes.

Cultural Change Management:

Methodos has its own methodological approach to change management, tested over 30 years of experience in the field, offering concrete advantages and results for the company:

  • making it possible to reach the desired results and performance in a shorter time and in a more lasting manner
  • reducing the negative impact on production and climate during the change process
  • accelerating the implementation of the desired organizational change
  • foreseeing and managing objections to the change, thus containing the cost of their management
  • making it possible to acquire internally the necessary skills for the implementation of further change

Employee engagement & Internal Communication:

Methodos starting back in the 80s, and on behalf of Confindustria, was one of the first consultancy companies to monitor the development of internal communications within companies. Thanks to this experience we have been able to perfect techniques for identifying the need for information and to experiment models of complex internal communications plans.

Methodos believes that the base for the development of internal communications and employee rests on three relationship planes:

Alignment (Employees and the Company):

  • Development and sharing of strategy, vision and values
  • Development of absolute loyalty
  • Understanding the driving forces of business
  • Adopting rigorous processes and standards
  • Strengthening leaders at all levels of the organization

Community (Employees and other Employees):

  • Efficient exchange of knowledge and skills
  • Developing communication between professional communities
  • Fostering innovation and continuous improvement
  • Connecting business units to maximize everyone’s contribution

Advocacy (Employees and external stakeholders):

  • Keeping current clients and attracting new ones
  • Attracting and keeping new collaborators
  • Improving brand awareness, credibility and reputation
  • Positively influencing the decision process through recognized leadership

Effective leadership:

Methodos develops skills, behavior and attitudes necessary to produce effective leadership at all levels of the organization (HR & Organization). It also supports the management in aligning HR processes, key to meet business goals.

Change to Integrate Sustainability:

Methodos assists companies in starting on a path of change that integrates sustainability implementing a planned, coherent and coordinated transformation of all aspects of the company (strategy, structure, process, people, culture, relationships). This makes it possible for any organization to consider reconfiguring its activities in a sustainable manner, thus creating increased value for internal and external stakeholders.