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Being always adaptive to the rapidly changing business environment and going in line with the Globalization processes the Law Firm Facchinetti develops partnership with the Globality which is the world’s first virtual business platform that combines AI and industry expertise to match clients with pre-evaluated and highly qualified service providers around the world and enables them to do business together seamlessly on a secure platform.

The inspiration to start Globality is based on the belief that helping businesses become players in the global economy is the most important way to address globalization's challenges. Being totally confident with this concept, the Law Firm Facchinetti started the negotiation process with the Globality management shortly after the General manager of Globality Inc. Mr Bill Brooks had demonstrated the platform during the "Diritto al Futuro (Right to a Future)” event on May 18, 2018 in Milan. Law Firm Facchinetti is among pioneers from EU that have already joint the Globality platform and is ready to offer the clients from all over the world quite a new type of legal consultancy based on the best international practices using AI. The evaluation and onboarding procedures went in compliance with the adopted strategies and regulations and starting from January 2019 the Facchinetty law firm profile will be reachable for all interested clients that are looking for a competitive and high quality legal consultancy including professional assistance for the companies’ Internationalization practices.

Business internationalization is becoming increasingly relevant in a "globalised" world which is constantly seeking out new profitable markets to expand one's trade. With the aim of unlocking new markets for the clients, Facchinetti Law Firm provides assistance through all stages of the internationalization process, i.e. setting up the business under different legal forms depending on the type of activities conducted outside the country, with clear fiscal and commercial benefits for the client. As far as Globality is going to be the world’s leading online platform to enable the global trade of services for small and medium size businesses the Law Firm Facchinetti sees its great contribution to the platform particularly from this regard. Main services offered by Law Firm Facchinetti include, but are not limited to:

Special expatriate consultancy services for the following types of activities:

- Enrolment in AIRE (Registry of Italian Resident Abroad);

- RW module (foreign shareholdings and bank accounts);

- Income tax returns for foreign residents.

Moreover, for corporations:

- Set-up and domiciliation of international corporations;

- Tax planning;

- Development and management of teaming agreements;

- Transfer pricing services.

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